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Your Organization Should be Reaching its Goals

Many institutions, organizations, and professionals struggle to reach their goals because of a deficiency in knowledge, skills, or resources. At Common Hub Consulting, we partner with you to identify the needs within your organization and make a customized plan for success to create sustainable and profitable results.


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Common Hub Consulting- cHc
Bakhtyar Karim, co-owner of Common Hub Consulting cHc
Common Hub Consulting
Common Hub Consulting

Knowledge, Skills, & Resources to Succeed

We understand that you are facing challenges within your organization. We connect you with the knowledge, skills, and resources to overcome obstacles that are holding you back from succeeding.

Local Solutions That Create Big Results

At Common Hub Consulting, we know you want to succeed and that acquiring the skills and knowledge in capacity building, logistics, and/ or development are essential to your success, but not knowing how or where to obtain this can leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed.

We have a personal understanding of the challenges that our local community and leaders are facing within our developing country, which is why we are deeply committed to connecting you with sustainable solutions that will help you to overcome obstacles that are holding you back from your goals.

Alan Attoof Baba, Co-founder of Common Hub Consulting (cHc) in Iraq
Meet Alan Attoof Baba

Alan Attoof Baba, the Co-Founder of Common Hub Consulting, brings twenty years of experience in private sector development, public diplomacy and communications in Iraq and the United States. Alan most recently managed a USAID-funded program to support private sector development in Iraq with technical assistance and facilitating financial services to small and medium businesses.

Alan provided services to both US and Kurdish governments in communications, public relations and diplomacy for several years with the U.S. Consulate General’s Public Diplomacy Section in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s office in Washington, DC, and the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Ministry of Natural Resources.

Earlier in his career, Alan worked with several non-governmental organizations including the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, Mines Advisory Group, and HelpAge International on programs that responded to conflict in Iraq through training journalists and providing services for elderly victims of genocide and translating documents on demining.

Alan has also engaged in political and security analysis, including working with Inside Iraqi Politics’ online risk analysis service. He obtained a BA degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Sulaimani. In addition to his native Kurdish language, Alan is fluent in English and Arabic.

Bakhtya Karim,  Co-founder of Common Hub Consulting (cHc) in Iraq
Meet Bakhtyar Karim

Bakhtyar Karim is Co-founder and Managing Director of Common Hub Consulting (cHc).

From 2019-2022 Mr. Karim worked as a permanent consultant and translator with the UNDP’s Fund Facility for Economic Reform for the Kurdistan Regional Government (FFER-KRG), a comprehensive and multifaceted project to assist KRG’s reform agenda. For two years, Mr. Karim was also contracted by the UNDP as Donor Relations Consultant based in the KRG Ministry of Planning to manage the coordination of the Ministry of Planning with the UN agencies and other donors. He was later hired as an Expert in the Ministry; worked directly with the Minister of Planning and managed the Communication Directorate of the Ministry. In this role, Mr. Karim focused on research, strategic planning, coordination with international stakeholders, and media and information management.

Besides his current role as a lecturer at Salahaddin University in Erbil, Mr. Karim has been working for many years as a freelance consultant and interpreter/translator with various Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) entities, international agencies and local organizations in Kurdistan Region. Mr. Karim annually translates (English-Kurdish) some reports produced by the USA government, such as the Iraq part of annual Human Rights Report and Human Trafficking Report.

In 2012-2013, he worked as an Expert and Director of Information in the KRG’s Department of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), mainly involved in setting up the newly established Department; working on drafting strategic plans for the Department and on mechanisms to fund and support NGOs in the Kurdistan Region.

Mr. Karim has long experience as university lecturer and freelance consultant and interpreter. He provided services to most of the local and international actors involved in development projects in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Mr. Karim lived and studied in Oxford, UK, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Law and master’s degree in International Relations. While in the UK he worked as researcher, legal assistant, interpreter, and voluntary works with legal aid organizations and counselling service providers. Mr. Karim currently lives in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq with his wife, son and two daughters. Mr. Karim speaks Kurdish, English, Arabic and basic Farsi.

We Work With Our Clients in a Variety of Ways to Fill the Gaps in Their Organization


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Digital & Social Media Marketing


Job Skills Training


Coaching & Consulting


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Cultural Consulting


Public Relations


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Legal Consultation


Research Facilitation



Long-Term Partners

“For the last decade Bakhtyar Karim, co-founder of cHc, has been our valuable partner in many capacities. Bakhtyar’s impressive combination – of creative and critical thinking, in-depth legal knowledge, linguistic and translation skills – is a great asset for our Ministry. Having founded cHc we only hope to expand our partnership with Bakhtyar and his team.”

Zagros Fatah, Deputy Minister of Planning, Kurdistan Regional Government – Iraq

Soft Skills Training

“Alan Attoof’s, co-founder of cHc, coaching was so effective on how to write a persuasive resume and cover letter that I was quickly shortlisted for several job postings. His advice on paying attention to job search, job interview techniques, emotional intelligence, communications skills helped me get back on track, find a job and rebuild my career as a woman who is now financially independent in Iraq.”

-Woman case manager who is now working for a leading non-governmental organization in Iraq.

Professional Team

“Our team had the pleasure of working with Bakhtyar Karim and his team at cHc over the past year. He is an enthusiastic responsible professional who is very warm and friendly and accommodates all of our requests in a timely manner. It has been great working with Bakhtyar and his team.”

Ana H Matin (Consultant), World Bank Education

Capacity Building

“I learned how to create profitable Facebook Ads from Alan Attoof’s, co-founder of cHc, capacity building sessions. His practical approach made me spread the word among other women entrepreneurs like me. He taught me why Facebook marketing matters in Iraq. I learned about targeting, interruption marketing, Facebook Ads manager, and the types of Facebook campaign objectives including ads that target increasing traffic, conversion, video views and page post engagement. I would attend any of Alan’s training as I have seen tangible results.”

-Woman entrepreneur from Mosul who works as a Facebook marketing manager for several businesses


“Stepping in as a consultant to manage development of the USAID-funded Ninewa Investment Forum, I found the support of Alan Attoof critical in helping to navigate the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. This was true both in terms of developing the nuanced understanding of important regional, business and other critical issues that was vital to developing our strategy as well as the ability to access and benefit from his strong contacts with business, government and media. This enabled us to organize an event that proved to be the largest investment conference in northern Iraq, attracting over 300 investors, executives, policymakers, government officials, journalists, professionals and other important stakeholders to help focus attention on business and investment opportunities, targeted companies and the regulatory and policy issues needed to help attract foreign investment into Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

“I am pleased to again have an opportunity to work with Alan and Bakhtyar now that they launched Common Hub Consulting to provide targeted support and assistance in the region.”

-Keith Rabin, President, KWR International, Inc.

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